Cuban Americans

Cuban American Day – October 10, more info

About: Cuban Americans (Spanish: Cubanoamericanos) are Americans who trace their ancestry to Cuba. The word may refer to someone born in the U.S.of Cuban descent or to someone who has emigrated to the U.S. from Cuba. Cuban Americans are the third-largest Latino group in the United States.

Many communities throughout the United States have significant Cuban American populations. Florida (1.49 million in 2016) has the highest concentration of Cuban Americans in the US, standing out in part because of its proximity to Cuba, followed by California (91,438), Texas (90,376), New Jersey (85,935), and New York (70,947).

South Florida is followed by New York City, Tampa, Union Countyand North Hudson, New Jerseyareas, particularly Union City, Elizabeth and West New York. With a population of 141,250, the New York metropolitan area’s Cuban community is the largest outside Florida. Nearly 70% of all Cuban Americans live in Florida.

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