Multicultural Americans, Inc.
A Non-profit organization

  • Website: www.americanusa.org
  • EIN# 88-3124004
  • D-U-N-S# 11656434
  • Charity Registration – Pending
  • 501(c)(3) tax exempt: Pending

United States of America is a diverse society of various cultures worthy of recognition. Celebrating and embracing our multicultural society is a part of what makes us Americans.

  • Raise awareness about United States of America Multicultural Community
  • Promote inclusiveness
  • Cultural awareness
  • Encourage patriotism
  • Celebrate cultural, ethnic & racial diversity through Heritage Day, Week & Month
  • Cultural Heritage Awards to exceptional Persons, Businesses and Organizations.
  • American Civics and English language education.
  • Welcome to America Committee.
  • Issue Cultural Heritage Certificate of Recognition to Businesses during Heritage Month.

What we don’t do:

  • We don’t interfere in politics.
  • We do not influence voting preferences.
  • We do not take sides.

Sources of information:

  • America’s library.gov
  • Dictionary.com
  • Britannica
  • History.com
  • Familypedia.fandom.com
  • Library of Congress, loc.gov

Creator – Ms. Mechael Wright-Hodges, #HaitianAmerican

A work in progress since 2017

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